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As a youth and one who has been privileged to serve God through the youth ministry, I can testify that I bear no regrets whatsoever as regards choosing to be part of this great ministry in the church. A mindset often embraced by the youth especially in the Seventh-Day Adventist church is that ‘church is boring.’ However, I got to realize that there is fun too in service and one department that exhibits such happy and involving moments is the Youth department.

One of those days on the church calendar that engages the youths in several activities of service is the Global Youth Day (GYD) that kick starts the youth week of prayer in the month of March every year. Global youth day has a history that goes back in time to its first launch on March 13, 2013. The vision of GYD is to recapture the reality of Adventist youth as a global movement mobilized for service, contributing to the proclamation of the everlasting gospel and ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ. (GC Youth ministries, n.d.).

The Day that was

March 19, 2022 was the date for this year’s GYD under the theme LOVING THE FORGOTTEN and as a church, Bugema Adventist Secondary School was privileged to participate in several activities that involved visiting staff members and the neighboring community that is Kamira which areas were beneficiaries of the outreach activities. Students and adult church members clad in colors of the GYD T-shirts had a privilege of giving out household items like soap, sugar, food items among others. The theme LOVING THE FORGOTTEN reminded us of the inclusivity of all other people who seemingly might have been forgotten either because they retired from service, were lacking in various ways, or even people who must have had an impact in our lives and it was the time to remember them.

Letter writing was one of the activities that we engaged in with students in the AY program. In this session, short plain papers were distributed to the congregation and people were encouraged to write anonymous short statements celebrating, appreciating and remembering those people for example fellow students, staff members, guardians and even parents who had had an impact in their lives. As these statements were read publicly, hearts were touched and different people were blessed and we thanked God.

Outreach leading team being briefed by the youth director MG Kazoora Denes Gumisiriza (first from left), MG Betty Tumwiine, Allan Kamoga, senior MG Nalongo Musisi and MG Kalema Jjuuko Enoch and young Jordan.
Mr. Lutalo (light blue shirt), one of our parents and one of the beneficiaries and host of the outreach team.
Senior MG Nalongo Musisi with the outreach team
MG Kalema Jjuuko Enoch (in GYD Tshirt) with a group of young stars hosted in one of the homes
Youthful staff members having a light moment on GYD 22
The Ambassadors also could not be left behind in their colors

Remember, GYD is not an event but a lifestyle. Therefore, as we journey on through this year, I appeal to all of us to carry on with the LOVING THE FORGOTTEN theme as we touch and bless hearts because surely we have been blessed by God.


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